Privacy Policy

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Effective Date: May 16, 2018

We have the utmost respect for your privacy.

Personal information collected by the website is kept to a minimum. The information we collect is limited to:

  1. We collect your name and email address if you sign up for our Events email list. When you sign up for the Events list, our email list manager, MailChimp, also collects your IP address, approximate location, the date/time you signed up and opted in, and the form you used to sign up (either the popup form on our website or directly on the MailChimp site).
  2. When you contact us through our contact form, we receive your name, email address, and the message you send. We use this for private email communication only, for the purpose you have emailed us.
  3. Your country, and your IP address which is needed for connecting to and using the site, are recorded and stored in our web hosting provider's (247-Host) server logs.
  4. Although MailChimp and our web host's (247-Host) server records IP addresses, we do not collect IP addresses or use them for identification purposes or to associate them with individuals.
  5. We also use a small number of cookies on our website as described in our Cookie Policy.

Other than the information and uses listed above, we do not collect any further information or share the information you provide with third parties for any reason, including marketing or tracking purposes.

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